Yamato is one of the characters in cartoons such as Naruto and Gundam. Yamato is also a name of hotel in Surabaya. It is a place where incident Yamato happened on 10 November a long time ago. Not only name of characters but Yamato also is name of a thing, hydrant, at many houses and buildings. Then, what is the meaning of Yamato in my life? Yamato is a person who has been spinning in my head for seven years. He is an extraordinary boy who does extraordinary thing but still seems as ordinary people in this life.

The characteristic of Yamato in Naruto is so calm. He is reincarnation of Hokage I who has ability to control water and land; it can also control the combination of those two elements, woods. He is a mysterious man and seldom to talk about his life. It is because he is member of Anbu – ninja who do many secret missions. He loves peace and quiet. That’s why he doesn’t like when he sees his member in his group – Naruto, Sakura and Sai – get fight each other. And you will be shocked if see he is angry.

Yamato in Gundam, Kira Yamato, is also a quiet person. He doesn’t like to war but he wanted to save all people he loved from the war. He doesn’t talk much but he is open-minded and very clever. I don’t know Kira Yamato because I don’t watch Gundam. But as far I’m concerned, he is kind-hearted person.

Then, how about Yamato in my live? My Yamato is also kind-hearted person. He likes to help people but he doesn’t want someone know that he help them. Here, Yamato is person who doesn’t want everyone know about his life but he can tell his life to person he trust. He is genius but still modest. In addition, he keep think positive to everyone. Many girls like him but he doesn’t even know about it. He doesn’t know it, not only because of his personality but also because of his less sensitiveness. This Yamato made me special because he did something which no one has done it. I think, it was unique and strange nevertheless it make butterflies flied inside my stomach. It was the beginning why I like him so much.

I still wonder why he chooses Yamato as his nick name. I think name is a representative of someone personality. It’s quite right because Yamato in my life has similar personality with Yamato in those cartoons; Gundam and Naruto.

yamato - naruto



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